Oasis Soccer Tours

The Petite Bretonne Oasis Soccer tour is coming to our tournament!


The Petite Bretonne Oasis Soccer tour is proud to visit and contribute to our tournament. They are looking forward to meeting with players, coaches and administrators from the local and visiting teams.


We encourage you to visit their booth to receive a tour bag filled with goodies such as a Petite Bretonne Chocolate bun and an Oasis Juice.
You cannot miss them, they will be right beside big yellow inflatable soccer goal!


You will be invited to participate in their Soccer Target Challenge, a skills competition in which you must score as many points as possible within 20 seconds.
Each participant will be entered to win a pair of tickets to the FIFA U-20 championship in Toronto and can review their scores on the tour website www.PetiteBretonneOasisSoccer.com

The La Petite Bretonne / Oasis Soccer Tour is a tour of 15 selected amateur and elite soccer tournaments across Ontario from June to August.
Our team has carefully selected 15 great events to visit as many cities as possible and interact with thousands of players.
At each stop our field team will park our tour vehicle and trailer and will set-up an inflated soccer net for the Soccer Target Challenge.
Beside this activity an information table will be set-up to sign-up participants and hand out tour bags which will include a Petite Bretonne Chocolate bun, an Oasis Juice and coupons for their next purchases. 
Our team is anxious to meet you on the road !

At each event our team will set up an inflatable soccer net with targets.


Each target has its value and you have 10 balls to make as many points as possible. Your score will be saved to the tournament ranking on our website.


Before taking your first shot, we will register you by entering your


Soccer Level
And we will take your picture.


The official scores will be posted on www.petitebretonneoasissoccer.com so that you may compare your score with other players at the tournament and throughout our tour.


By registering you will have signed up for our super contest.


Good luck