House League Q & A
Q. What age divisions are there in house league at Club Roma?

A. There are 4 divisions. 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 (there is a waitlist for U15).Note: The 11 - 12 division could be split further depending on enrollment.  All are Co-ed.

Q. Does my child have to have some soccer experience to participate in the program?

A. No. At this level the emphasis is placed on fun, fitness, skills development and teamwork.

Q. When does the Soccer Program begin and end?

A. Practices and games will begin in the middle of May (weather dependent). The season ends with playoff week at the end of August. Weekend Finals will include a banquet and other possible events to be announced (check the schedule).

Q. What days of the week does the house league program play?

A. The games will be played between Monday – Friday and individual coaches will determine what nights practices will be held.  5/6 Division- Tuesday or Thursday , 7/8 Division- Tuesday or Thursday, 9/10 Division- Monday, 11/12 Division- Tuesday, 13 /15 Division - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (to be confirmed)   Soccer Starters practice and play on Wednesdays.

Note: The 11 to 15 Divisions could be split further depending on enrollment.

Q. How much does it cost to register my child?

A. The registration fee for House league is $160.00 for all ages. The registration fee provides the child with a full uniform including shirt, shorts and socks, a team picture,a participant medal and BBQ at seasons end.

Q. What do I have to have for my child to participate in the Program?

A.  The child must have shin protection (Ontario Soccer Association requirement) and proper soccer cleats.

Q. What will my child do in the program?

A. Basic and developmental soccer skills, team work, have fun, increase their fitness level and make new friends.

Q. Where will my child be playing?

A. From ages 5-10, all games will be held at Club Roma. From 11- 15, they will be played at either Woodgale or Cambria (Port Dalhousie).

Q. Who mentors my child when they participate in the Program?

A. All of our mentors are parent/student volunteers who wish to participate to make a difference in the child's learning experience. All of our volunteers will be offered a chance to participate in ongoing coaching clinics that enhance the quality of our coaches.

Q. When and where do I register for the program?

A. The FINAL registration will take place at Club Roma on Saturday March 28th from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

No late registrations will be accepted.

Please bring with you: Your child’s birth certificate or proof of birth and cash or cheque payable to “Club Roma Minor Soccer”

Q.Is there fee assistance available?

A. Yes Through programs such as “Pro Kids” and “Jumpstart”… no child has to sit on the sidelines.