Tiamo Festival Cup Schedules 2014

Links that are live have completed schedule - ones that are not live will be completed shortly.  All schedules will be put on GOSPORTNET.COM and scores and standings for tournaments will be updated throughout the weekend.  All other schedules should be completed by Tuesday July 16 shortly after 6:00 pm.

The schedules have been made to try to keep teams from the same districts separated from each other for the festivals for U9 to U12.  In some cases it was impossible to do, but all efforts were made to try to have teams not play squads from that they would usually play, but at the same time, make sure that games are competitive and not lopsided blowouts.

U8 Boys Festival                                             U9 Girls Festival

U9 Boys Festival                                             U10 Girls Festival

U10 Boys Festival                                           U11 Girls Festival

U11 Boys Festival                                           U12 Girls Festival

U12 Boys Festival                                           U13-U14 Girls Tournament

U13 Boys Tournament                                    U16 Girls Tournament

U14 Boys Tournament

U15 Boys Tournament

U16 Boys Tournament

U17 Boys Tournament