Tobacco Free Policy
Club Roma is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for all players.  Smoking will not be tolerated at any Club Roma event and this will be enforced by Team officials including Coaches and Management.  Please respect the athletic environment and set an example for the kids.  BUTT OUT!   

  • protecting all from tobacco smoke at Roma Soccer functions
  • supporting our membership in adopting healthy lifestyles
  • providing leadership in tobacco reduction initiatives
All Officers, members, family members, employees, visitors, volunteers and the general public have sharedresponsibility for supporting and complying with Roma Soccer.

Policy Display 

The tobacco-free policy will be posted on the Roma Soccer Website.  “We Play Here, Please Don’t Smoke” signs will be posted at playing fields used by Roma Soccer.

Smoke Free Areas
  • All venues used for Roma Soccer sponsored competition, whether locally organized or on behalf of the Governing Soccer Organizations, will be designated smoke-free, even if the venue normally allows smoking.
  • All enclosed areas such as spectator seating or change rooms, are designated smoke-free by the Smoke-free Ontario Act.
  • The entrance to any venue used for Roma Soccer sponsored competition will be kept smoke-free.
  • All social events organized by Roma Soccer shall prefer non-smoking venues over smoking venues.

Roma Soccer  will not use tobacco products in any fundraising activity.  Roma Soccer will not accept any sponsorship from companies that rely on the manufacture and/or sale of tobacco or tobacco products.

Members and Officials

All competitors and officials representing or participating on behalf of Roma Soccer are to refrain from smoking and/or using tobacco products while performing Roma Soccer duties. Spectators are not permitted to use tobacco in the fan designated areas or within the confines of the playing field. All  Roma Soccer affiliated coaches will ensure that all players are aware of the negative effects of tobacco us on their performance and health.

Associated and Affiliated Clubs

All clubs affiliated and associated with the Ontario Soccer Association will recognize the Roma Soccer tobacco-free policy and extend the policy to their clubs and venues.


The Roma Soccer  tobacco-free policy is to be adhered to at all times. Exceptions will not be granted.

Non-compliance for affiliated individuals will result in the individual:
  • Being asked by an official or coach to cease breaching the policy and being told of the Roma Soccer tobacco-free policy.
  • Being formally warned by an official and letter for continual breaches of the policy.
  • Being formally notified by letter of expulsion from Roma Soccer membership (without refund) if refusing to comply with the policy after a warning has been issued.
Non-compliance for non-affiliated individuals will result in the individual:
  • Being asked by an official or coach to cease breaching the policy and being informed of the Roma Soccer tobacco-free policy.
  • Being asked to leave the venue or grounds by an official if they continue to breach the policy.
  • Being escorted from the venue or grounds under the guidance of an official if the breach continues after the warning.
Non-compliance for affiliated and associated clubs will result in: 
  • A formal warning from Roma Soccer by letter for reported breaches of the tobacco-free policy.
Policy Review

The policy can be altered by the Executive at any time. The change and justification for the change will need to be:
  1. Recorded in the minutes and
  2. Be beneficial and comply with the smoke-free legislation by the Government of Ontario.