Soccer Starters
Soccer Starters is a fun introduction to soccer and organized sport. With the assistance of parent volunteers, 3 and4 year old are shown sportsmanship, team play, and beginner ball handling techniques. Soccer Starters lasts a maximum of ten weeks ( weather permitting), with a half an hour of skills development followed by a 25 minutescrimmage.

Please register early to avoid the waiting list! For More information please email Club Roma.

We encourage parent involvement which helps stimulate the program and is a great way get more involved in the development of the sport.

Soccer Starters Q and A’s

Q. What age does my child have to be to participate in the Soccer Starters Program?

A. Your child has to turn 3 or 4 years of age this calendar year.

Q. Does my child have to have some soccer experience to participate in the program?

A. No. This is an introductory program to have your child participate in a team oriented environment while learning basic soccer skills geared towards their age level.

Q. When does the Soccer Program begin and end?

A. The Soccer Starters Program begins the first Wednesday of June and winds up the middle of August.

Q. What night does the Soccer Starters Program run?

A. The Soccer Starters Program takes place on Wednesday nights from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Q. How much does it cost to register my child for the Soccer Starters Program?

A. The registration fee for Soccer Starters is $80

Q. What do I have to have for my child to participate in the Program?

A. The registration fee provides the child with a full uniform including (shirt, shorts and socks), a soccer ball and a water bottle.  Participants also will receive a participant medal and banquet at season's end. The child must have shin protection (Ontario Soccer Association requirement) and soccer shoes.

Q. What will my child do in the program?

A. The children will play games and perform basic soccer skills in the first half hour of the session. After a short break and refreshments, the children participate in a small scrimmage promoting team work and fair play.

Q. Where does the Soccer Starters Program take place?

A. All sessions are held at Club Roma on the rear fields.

Q. Who mentors my child when they participate in the Soccer Starters Program?

A. All of our mentors are parent/student volunteers who wish to participate to make a difference in the child's learning experience. All of our volunteers will be offered a chance to participate in a mentoring seminar to enhance the child's positive learning experience in the program.  Travel coaches and older players also offer their time to support the program.